Minggu, 20 Maret 2011

Lagu NKB no.170 "Jalan Hidup Tak Selalu" English Version

"Love's Rainbow"
(=NKB170 Jalan Hidup Tak Selalu)
words by Flora Kirkland, music by I.H. Meredith

Life is not a cloudless journey,
Storms and darkness oft oppress,
But the Father’s changeless mercy
Comes to cheer the heart’s distress;
Heavy clouds may darkly hover,
Hiding all faith’s view above,
But across the thickest darkness
Shines the rainbow of His love.

After storm the rainbow shineth,
Promise writ in light above;
Even so across our sorrow
Shines the rainbow of His love.

Never fear, nor be discouraged,
Though life’s journey dark appear,
Travel on, by faith upholden,
‘God is love,’ oh, thought of cheer!
When thy path seems hid in shadow,
Look with fearless eyes above;
Spanning o’er thy deepest sorrow,
Shines the rainbow of His love.

-Flora Kirkland

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